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The 12 Head Coaches 1st Press Conference All Together in Nagoya PDF Print E-mail
Written by martiana   
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tokyo, 12th November 2007 – The 12 Head Coaches of the FIVB Volleyball World Cup 2007 had their first press conference all together in Nagoya to launch the 4th and final Round of the competition. Three tough days of matches will decide the podium and the first three Olympic berths.


Jose Roberto Guimaraes (Brazil)

We feel very happy and honoured to stay here with the other 11 teams in Nagoya. Now we are going to have a very hard time, but our team is totally recovered and in very good form. We are very fit and we are going to aim for a classification place within the top three to get a ticket for the Beijing Olympics. We had only one problem with Jaqueline in the game against the United States but now she is in shape. I think every match is important. We will have tough matches against Italy, Serbia and Japan last. It is difficult to answer how the teams will arrive at the end of the competition. 

Antonio Perdomo (Cuba)

Our team has not yet given up hope of qualifying for the Olympic Games. We are facing three difficult games because all the teams are at a high level in the world. Our results will depend on how we play. 

Massimo Barbolini (Italy)

We are starting the final round in a good position but we know that there are waiting for us three very difficult matches which will at the end decide our final ranking. So we will try to play these matches the best we can. There is no key match. We have to play every match like a final. 

Shoichi Yanagimoto (Japan)

We are going to have the most difficult games in this round, but our team is in very good condition. I hope to display the best performance and play our best matches. 

Zoran Terzic (Serbia)

From tomorrow starts the most difficult period in this tournament for us. Okay, we still have some chance to be in the first three at the end of the competition, but of course it will be very difficult because we play against very serious and very strong teams. We will try to do our best in those conditions. If we want to be in the first three teams we must win all three games, so the most difficult one for us is the next one. 

Jenny Lang Ping (United States of America)

The last three matches are very important for us and also very difficult, but we will do our best as a team to reach our goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games. All three matches are very tough because we are going to face the top two from Europe (Italy and Serbia) and the Asian champions and host team Japan. We are going to take each match at a time.    



Beato Miguel Cruz (Dominican Republic)

For the Dominican team, we've pretty much achieved our goal. It's been important for our young team to try and catch up with world-level teams as we have here. All the teams here are great teams. We have had difficult times, but we are here to get more experience and we are doing well. 

Sammy Kirongo (Kenya)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the Japanese and the members of the FIVB for giving us such a good tournament. Kenya started against good teams and now we have three matches to go. We still have something to give and if things go well, it will be good for everybody. Thank you Japan and God bless you. 

Jung-Chul Lee (Korea)

In this World Cup, we've been happy to play strong teams at the world level and this is a great experience for our players. We have faced eight teams, but in this round we will play to win and do our best. We will keep trying and practising hard and hope to grow into a world-level team.

Enio De Figueiredo (Peru)

For Peru, we are going into this round with high hopes and will have matches against South Korea, Thailand and the Dominican Republic. We have prepared better and our goal is still to be within 18th place in the world rankings. 

Srisamutnak Nataphon (Thailand)

For this tournament, the World Cup has been quite a good experience for us because it is our first time. Our players have gained good experience from the games and from this experience we will be able to improve. For the next three matches we will continue to try our best and hope to improve our ranking. This experience will help us for sure and I hope we will gain more success. 

Mauro Masacci (Poland)

For us, we will have three games with strong teams and hope to put on our best performance. We are sure we can leave with a good result and having improved in the world rankings.   The 4th Round of the Women’s World Cup 2007 will start Wednesday 14th November in Nagoya. Three days of competition, 18 matches overall, will take place in Nagoya: Nippon Gaishi Hall (Venue A) and Park Arena Komaki (Venue B). The event will end on the 16th with the last match: the first three teams in the ranking will go to Beijing.  



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 November 2007 )
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